Monday, August 11, 2014

Best thing I never had…...

I have been looking for a particular style and color for this skirt that I’ve had for the longest. First, I wanted to find a top that matched the exact color of my skirt, then I wanted to color block with a totally different color. After going back and forth, I finally decided to select a top that was a shade lighter than my skirt. I’m so glad I didn’t go with my first choice. That’s the beautiful thing about having options; you’re never stuck with just one.

***Even my skirt provides style options, you can stop it under the knee or stretch it to its full length***

Heels: Red Kiss neon pink platform pumps



  1. sooooooooo pretty i missed ur blog so much!

  2. Is there somewhere we can go to see more regular updates? Love your style but its kind of disappointing having to wait so many months between seeing you :( instagram?

    1. I’m flattered that you look forward to my post, as of now I do not have IG.